World Cup 2006 Schedule

World Cup 2006 Schedule 1.3

Check out the World Cup fixtures and tournament schedules

World Cup 2006 Tournament Calendar is an Excel spreadsheet with whole schedule, tournament tree, auto tallying of standings etc. You don’t have to count points, goals and everything to know what team is on what place. All you have to do is complete the match results and the groups standings will update automatically.

Test the final stages results to see what results your favourite teams need to qualify for the play-off stages. This way, you will make your own prediction, amazing your friends with all the posibilities you can find, without having to wait for the press to publish their "expert" analysis.

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World Cup 2006 Schedule


World Cup 2006 Schedule 1.3

User reviews about World Cup 2006 Schedule

  • *tom

    by *tom


    But when it was produced, there wasn't any info on the squads or anything like that... This download is great. useful...   More.

  • taquigraf

    by taquigraf

    "Couldn't we expect more??"

    I thought that this WC schedule would be a bit more complete. Maybe offer more information on squads and let you comp...   More.